Finding your Qualtrics IDs

Research Core IDs

IDs can be obtained from the APIs, e.g., List Users and group IDs from List Groups or using the GUI.

Most IDs can be found in the Qualtrics IDs section of account settings.

  1. Login to Qualtrics.com.
  2. Go to Account Settings in the user dropdown in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Qualtrics IDs.
  1. Navigate to Qualtrics IDs in the menu across the top.

Here you will find your API Token, Survey IDs, Organization ID, and Library IDs.

Finding the Directory ID (aka Pool ID) for XM Directory

To use the XM Directory APIs, you will need the directory ID (aka pool ID).

Log into the qualtrics.com.Choose Account Settings... from the user name dropdown, and then choose Qualtrics IDs.

The pool ID is highlighted below in pink.

Mailing Lists

Also under account settings>Qualtrics IDs.


Also under account settings>Qualtrics IDs.

Library ID

Under account settings>Qualtrics IDs

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Finding your Qualtrics IDs

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